23 February 2008

One more reason to dislike Sen. Betsy Johnson

“My view of this bridge is that we’ve got to move freight…isn’t it conceivable they [bikes and peds] would ride across the bridge on whatever kind of transit option is offered, rather than building separate accommodation that just drives the cost of this already unbelievably expensive structure up?”

Sen. Betsy Johnson

Private health insurance is a poor idea

Companies do bad things for money.

One of California's largest for-profit insurers stopped a controversial practice of canceling sick policyholders Friday after a judge ordered Health Net Inc. to pay more than $9 million to a breast cancer patient it dropped in the middle of chemotherapy.

Ralph Nader is an asshole

Ralph Nader is going to appear on Meet the Press, presumably to discuss why he wants to fuck up America just a little bit more before he dies.


22 February 2008

Indianapolis has wasted opportunities

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Check out the street view to get the full effect. 1422 E. Roosevelt Ave should about do it. You can also click "view larger map" and choose street view.

Beautiful brick, solid construction--all rotting instead of being re-used.

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and Rambo III

Rambo III is the heartwarming story of John Rambo going to Afghanistan to aid freedom fighters against the evil empire of USSR. As it happened, among the freedom fighters were neat figures like Osama Bin Laden and other Taliban types.

Through the Pakistan secret service, the US of A sent loads of weapons (some crappy, outdated surplus stuff from Britain and Turkey because it was a convenient way for these countries to take American money and unload their junk) and money to anti-soviet forces in Afghanistan.

Anyhoo, Rambo III was scheduled to be the movie of the day on Portland's local Fox affiliate the Saturday after 9/11 but did not air. I suppose it had something to do with the story not being so heartwarming when some of the former freedom fighters had killed thousands of Americans.

A great book on this topic is Afghanistan The Bear Trap.

Anyhoo, a link to more photos of Soviet forces during the war.

21 February 2008

Most Profound

I don't understand why anyone cool or interesting would want to be on TV. I certainly have no desire to be on television.

After all, lame-asses like this and this are on TV all the freagin time. Whatever they do, I should do the opposite I think.