11 April 2008

How many shitbags have graduated from Harvard and Yale?

Is there a connection between the immorality and poor judgment of people like John Yoo, George Bush, Alberto Gonzales and their education at Harvard and Yale?

These two schools are supposed to be the most prestigious in the United States, yet the aforementioned men are three of the biggest pieces of trash ever, and the best that can be said about them is that they meet the minimum standards of humanity.


Yeah. John Kerry, though a piss-poor presidential candidate is a damn honorable guy. This is especially so when compared to any Bush.

10 April 2008

Breakfast spots in downtown Portland

As a shoutout out to my Sam-bone, I will post names and sometimes links to the downtown Portland breakfast spots. Hopefully, he and I will eat at most of them before our time here is through.

By posting them, I am making no other assertion about the restaurant other than that it is located downtown. Also, I will post them in order I learn about them. And these are not hotel restaurants. This list will be updated as I update it. But you knew that.

1. Leo's Coffee Shop, 837 SW 11th Ave.

2. Sunshine Cafe, 1216 SW Morrison St.

3. Kenny & Zuke's,
1038 SW Stark St.

4. Red Star Tavern,
503 SW Alder St.

4. Mother's Bistro,
212 SW Stark St.

5. Roxy,
1121 SW Stark St.

6. Half & Half,
923 SW Oak St.

Commodore Grill, 1601 SW Morrison St.

8. Bijou Cafe,
1601 SW Morrison St.