10 April 2008

Breakfast spots in downtown Portland

As a shoutout out to my Sam-bone, I will post names and sometimes links to the downtown Portland breakfast spots. Hopefully, he and I will eat at most of them before our time here is through.

By posting them, I am making no other assertion about the restaurant other than that it is located downtown. Also, I will post them in order I learn about them. And these are not hotel restaurants. This list will be updated as I update it. But you knew that.

1. Leo's Coffee Shop, 837 SW 11th Ave.

2. Sunshine Cafe, 1216 SW Morrison St.

3. Kenny & Zuke's,
1038 SW Stark St.

4. Red Star Tavern,
503 SW Alder St.

4. Mother's Bistro,
212 SW Stark St.

5. Roxy,
1121 SW Stark St.

6. Half & Half,
923 SW Oak St.

Commodore Grill, 1601 SW Morrison St.

8. Bijou Cafe,
1601 SW Morrison St.

1 comment:

Sam-bone said...

I'm so honored by the shout out! However, the address you've got for Bijou Cafe is incorrect, a grave injustice to a rocking b-spot. See you at breakfast soon ...