06 February 2008

It's gotta be Barack

Since Johnnie E. left the race, one has to be for Obama. Obama actually talks like a person; he does not speak in empty platitudes or political talk. As a rule, I absolutely hate listening to political speeches. Whether city council, state legislature or anything else, I run out of the room whenever a political opens their yap in public. Of course, Obama is a great speaker, but he also says real things in a normal, genuine way. That is nice.

And he was right on the War. This may be sufficient to trust him, his judgment and his values. In contrast, it seems clear that the Clintons--both Hillary and Bill-- may not have much in the way of fundamental principles.

Hillary voted for the war, voted for confronting Iran and has been nowhere to be seen in the FISA battle (neither has Barack by the way, which blows). What key votes have demonstrated her values?

For Bill, during his presidency he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, which, among other things, prohibits same sex spouses from receiving important Social Security benefits from their spouses. His post presidency career has been crap compared to what Jimmy Carter and Al Gore have done. Now, I know that Bill did not have the dough those two guys did, so he had to work and bring in some money. But he has done that and the most interesting thing he has done has been opening an office in Harlem.

Bill may have been a fine president, but his values and philosophy have not been great for the party. By her record in the Senate Hillary seems very similar.

Let's rock for Barack! Or something like that.

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